Lista de útiles escolares

East Side Preschool Supply List for Ms. Carissa and Ms. Rene
Snacks - 2 large packages of snacks (pretzels, goldfish crackers, graham crackers, bite size cookies, etc)
Crayola brand Crayons - 8 count (No Jumbo or Large)
Luggage tag - 1
Facial tissues - 2 boxes
Full size school bag/backpack (accommodates 8.5x11 piece of paper) with name on the outside
   - not child size, no rolling/luggage type
Clothes: Please Label Everything
  - Jacket/coat, school bag, gloves, hat, etc. and Extra change of clothes (pants, shirt, socks, underwear)
If your child needs pull-ups, please send the type that adhere on the sides with Velcro